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Facilitating the Energy Transition

GES is an independent energy storage company. We are developing and operating first-class energy storage assets to create a global terminal network.
Our strategic focus is to facilitate the Energy Transition: we are developing the infrastructure needed for our customers to move towards ever more sustainable and low carbon energy use.
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GES is building a global network of first-class energy storage assets.

Backed by Bluewater, our goal is to invest c.$250 million into brown and greenfield assets, initially in Europe and Asia, in the next five years.

Low-carbon, high-value hydrocarbon growth

We’re partnering with like-minded companies who share our carbon-reduction ambitions.


Our experienced greenfield team is on a mission to be at the forefront of the energy transition.

New energies

We’re investing in an international network of infrastructure and logistics for low-carbon energy resources.

Your Global Energy Transition partner

We are creating a sustainable terminal logistics network to support the global storage and
transportation of energy and related commodities.

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We’re investing in a first-class energy storage network